About Us

The Women's LIVE Artist Studio (WLAS) is a vibrant hub nestled within the heart of Navy Pier, Chicago's premier indoor tourist destination, boasting over 9 million visitors annually. Our Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the artistic talents of women artists from the local community.

Through daily live art demonstrations, we invite our visitors to witness the creative process in action. We represent a supportive community of 30+ female artists from diverse backgrounds and mediums, spanning 5 generations. Our artists all share a common commitment to empowering women in the Chicago art scene and advocating for equal recognition and opportunities.

More than a gallery, we are a community.

Featured Collection

Meet a few of the artists headed to the Venice Biennale 2024 with Womens' LIVE Artist Studio.

  • Martha A. Wade

    Martha is deeply involved in the fine arts community as an artist, educator, and curator. Her artwork has a dreamlike feel, where a sense of movement is created in every piece. You will often find constellations immersed in her work, to show our connection to each other and the Universe.

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  • Dana Todd Pope

    Dana is an award winning Chicago based visual artist, entrepreneur, muralist, filmmaker & author. She's the founder of Fearlessly Hue® a kid's room home décor line (sold on Walmart.com and Amazon) and the author of "Know Money, Grow, Money," a children's picture book.

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Live from Navy Pier

  • Dr. Patricia Jones-Blessman