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We are thrilled to announce that WLAS has been selected to participate in the world renowned Venice Biennale 2024. The Venice Biennale is one of the most recognized and esteemed art exhibitions globally, drawing art enthusiasts, collectors, and curators from all corners of the globe. However, despite its international reach, female artists and artists of color continue to be underrepresented in this iconic event. Our aim is to challenge this status quo and bring female perspectives to the forefront through our Women's LIVE Artist Studio exhibition at the Personal Structures exhibition hosted by the European Cultural Centre - Italy during the 60th Venice Biennale.

To turn this dream into a reality, we need your support. The costs associated with participation, including exhibition fees, transportation of art pieces, promotional materials, and accommodations for our artists, are substantial. This is where you come in. With your generous contribution, you can make a significant impact on our journey to Italy. Your support will help cover the expenses and ensure that our talented artists have the opportunity to present their works on an international stage.

Meet Our Fiscal Agent

The More heART Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides art experiences that heal, inspire, and ignite change. More heART moves forward with the vision that direct engagement with the arts can transform the world.

WLAS is proud to announce this organization as our Fiscal Agent for 2024. Donors looking to receive a tax deduction for donations over $500, will do so through More heART Foundation, Inc.

Give Tax Deductible Donation

Support WLAS with an art purchase.

World renowned artists Max Sansing, Kevin “WAK” Williams, Frank Morrison, and Hebru Brantley have donated artwork to support the Women’s LIVE Artist Studio's journey to exhibit during the Venice Biennale.

  • 1989! Screen Print, by Max Sansing

    Max Sansing is donating proceeds from this sale to WLAS in support of our journey to Venice. The epitome of artists supporting artists, and men uplifting women!

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  • Practice Makes Perfect, by Frank Morrison

    When Frank Morrison saw what the women of WLAS were doing in Miami during SCOPE, he offered to donate his work too! We are honored by this gesture.

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  • Ballerina Noir, by Kevin WAK Williams

    Proceeds from the sale of these two giclée prints support WLAS as they journey to Venice. WAK is a long time friend and mentor of founders, Martha and Dana.

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  • Black Swan, by Kevin WAK Williams

    WAK has generously donated this second artwork to support his mentees, and fellow artists at WLAS. Proceeds from the sale of this piece go to support our exhibition in Venice.

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  • The Joyce Foundation

    The Joyce Foundation is a private, nonpartisan philanthropy that invests in public policies and strategies to advance racial equity and economic mobility for the next generation in the Great Lakes region. Inspiring creativity and fostering sustainable communities.

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  • Black Girl Ventures

    Providing Black/Brown woman-identifying founders with access to community, capital, and capacity building in order to meet business milestones that lead to economic advancement through entrepreneurship.

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  • Everett Wealth Solutions, Inc.

    Everett Wealth Solutions, Inc.

    EWS offers fiduciary financial planning and asset management inside a 4-Step Process. Whether you are building or have achieved significant wealth, EWS can become an important fiduciary resource as you create your personal wealth solution.

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  • Sunshine Enterprises

    Helping rising entrepreneurs throughout Chicagoland, start or grow businesses by training coaching and connecting them. Sunshine fosters economically viable communities through coaching high potential entrepreneurs.

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  • APA Financial Services, LLC

    Based in Chicago, APA provides financial management, planning, and representation services. APA works with corporations, businesses, and individuals looking for a trustworthy, reliable, and professional service to handle their finances on a one-time or ongoing basis.

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  • South Side Community Art Center

    A Chicago Landmark founded in 1940, and the oldest African American art center in the United States. SSCAC showcases established artists and nurtures emerging creators.

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Dr. Patricia Jones Blessman, PhD

Dr. Patricia Jones Blessman is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience as a clinician and mental health program administrator. Her interests fall in psychological practices across cultures, educational evaluation, identifying gifted children, and early childhood evaluation.

Her company, AUSET/ISIS is a consulting firm focusing on delivering health literacy and education on a variety of topics and within diverse formats and platforms.

Because of Dr. Jones Blessman's generosity, the Women's LIVE Artist Studio was able to secure their booth at SCOPE!

  • Christopher Augmon

    The mission of CA is to inspire and give back through fashion, cause and community. Giving back and making contribution to the community is not only necessary for the company, but also heals. 

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  • MJ2 Hair & Nail Boutique

    MJ2 Hair & Nail Boutique is a diverse salon located in the south loop of Chicago. They offer hair services, nail services, and color treatments for women and men of all ethnicities.

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  • Melanin Minds

    Provides mental health resources that educate, amplify & create accessible spaces for personal & professional development within BIPOC communities. Creating interactive experiences centering mental health.

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  • Navy Pier

    Navy Pier is where you go in Chicago for events, free public programs, attractions, culture, dining, shopping and more. It’s where fun lives large, whether you’re a visitor or local, with family or friends.

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