Discover the vibrant exhibitions curated by Women's LIVE Artist Studio, featuring captivating artwork that has graced prestigious events such as the SCOPE Contemporary Art Show and the Silver Room Block Party. Our ever-evolving showcase at Navy Pier reflects our commitment to presenting diverse perspectives and celebrating the rich tapestry of women's artistic expression. Immerse yourself in a visual journey that transcends boundaries and explore the dynamic narratives woven into each piece. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to bring exciting and thought-provoking exhibitions to the forefront of the Chicago art scene.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Exhibiting Artists

  • Candace Hunter
  • Dana Todd Pope
  • Dani Galleri
  • Gretchen Jankowski
  • Hyero
  • Jaudat R. Art
  • Jennifer Hodges
  • Jennifer Turner
  • Jennifer Warren
  • Kristen Williams
  • Kudzai Mutasa
  • Lois Stone
  • Marissa Kendrick
  • Martha A. Wade
  • Minnie Watkins
  • Natalia Virafuentes
  • Reisha
  • Rhonda Gray
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Past Exhibitions

SCOPE Art Show

Miami Beach | December 5-10, 2023