Collection: Streeterval

Streeterval is an American artist and visionary who is fascinated by innovation. Her specialty is the creation of vibrant abstract paintings. She is an award-winning acrylic artist and recipient of prize money who has participated in numerous juried art shows and exhibitions. As a native of France, she grew up in a culture-rich environment where art was often part of daily life. Inspired by the rural French setting of her childhood, Streeterval began painting landscapes at a very young age.

Moving to the metropolitan city of Chicago boosted her creativity and transformed her art! Streeterval currently lives downtown, and the view from her Streeterville studio is a continuous source of inspiration. Creating her high-energy, modern acrylic paintings requires many non-traditional tools to achieve captivating textures and dynamic effects. Painting is an escape connecting her with something greater than herself and allowing the manifestation of her dreams. Making art empowers Streeterval to express her view of the world and her colorful personality. It gives her great pleasure to share with you the energy, vibrancy, mystery, and wonder her art conveys.