Collection: Hyero

I draw my inspiration from my life and the people around me. My goal is to inspire everyone to live their lives with out fear, and embrace who they are. Art has always been the foundation of my life. With extensive workforce experience by the age of twenty-two, I recognized traditional secular occupations did not fulfill my life's purpose. Moreover, noticing my unhappiness and how I had to change for myself, I moved to a new city, Chicago.

Surrounded by unfamiliarity, I went on a creativity and self-love journey that enhanced my desire to create. Prior to leaving the predominantly white neighborhood that bore me, the word "too" had stifled my abilities to the highest degree. People categorized me and my art as "too sexual," "too political," and even "too black." Yet, I now know that if it feels overwhelming to look at my expression, the observer should look within themselves to understand why my piece elicits discomfort. I want audiences to look at my art and feel anything - happiness, fear, anger, representation, or even understanding.